In the fall of 2012, I began my journey towards becoming a licensed massage therapist (LMT)  at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt. Kisco, NY, where I graduated from the full-time program in April 2013 and obtained my New York State Massage License that September. While in massage school, I felt deeply connected with the art and beauty of pregnancy, prenatal, and infant massage. Little did I know, FLSM would introduce me to the word “doula.” I had no idea what the word meant at the time, but it resonated with me in a way I can only describe as a calling. During my time at FLSM, I met a number of doulas who explained the meaning and planted the seed for my career. In 2015, I finally began my training to become certified as a birth and postpartum doula with DONA International. My official training began in August of 2017 at BiniBirth in Sherman Oaks, CA by the talented & wonderful Kathrin Auger; who I have to thank for the knowledge and confidence I aim to instill in each client I work with postpartum. Upon my arrival home, I immediately set to work with families of newborns, and knew this was just the tip of the iceberg: I needed more. Just 3 weeks later, I signed up for a DONA approved birth workshop, very conveniently back at BiniBirth. Trained by BiniBirth founder and (now former) DONA President Ana Paula Markel in June 2018, I signed Harding Hatchlings first birth client just 2 weeks after returning home to New York. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have been trained on the west coast, and have brought those laid back, calming vibes back east …which brings us “full term” to Harding Hatchlings! I’ve combined my passion for the perinatal phase of life, infants, and the art of massage therapy under one shell, tucked in my ever-ready doula bag, and brought to you.