Take the Quiz

What type of postpartum support do I need?

Answer questions based on your needs and wants for the postpartum period. You may choose more than one response. 

I/we would like live-in support.

Yes.         No.  

The support we are looking for is best described as

A) live in, inexpensive, family style, will cook for children, will do household chores with and for children. 

B) occasional, varying price range, may or may not cook, not guaranteed to perform household chores

C) full time help, someone to take on the role of a primary care provider, will chauffeur children to and from activities. May or may not live in. 

D) varying levels of support during the postpartum period up to 12 weeks post birth, will assist with light household chores, may run errands, but will not be left unattended with children. 

Our price range is:

A) $10,000-$18,000 per year (~$200 per week)

B) $15-$20 per hour, no commitment or contract required

C) $600-$1000+ per week 

D) $25-$50 per hour, up to 3 months. You choose how many hours a day and how many days per week. 

What level of support around the home would you prefer?

A) will do children’s laundry, cook meals, grocery shop, chauffeur children in car

B) May tidy up some, may prepare a snack for children. Will not cook for parents. Will not perform household duties. 

C) will tend to children by: changing clothes and diapers, bathing, feeding. May do children’s laundry or tidy up the nursery. May not perform household chores. 

D) will perform light tidying of the home or wash dishes, take garbage out, prepare small meals, run errands, educate family on newborn and postpartum period and provide an extra set of hands to relieve pressure from birthing parent and partner. Will offer sibling support. 

We would like to leave the child(ren) with our provider when we are not present in the home.  

Yes.         No. 

Roughly, how long are you looking to have support?

A) Minimum of one year commitment. 

B) sporadic, varying help. Only when requested. 

C) Months-years. 

D) customized support for up to three months.

What times of day would you prefer support?

A) Mornings through Evenings (not past 10pm)

B) Varying times of your choosing. Often not overnight. 

C) 24/7 around the clock. 

D) Customized time, that towards the end of the postpartum period tapers off to allow maximum self determination, confidence and independence as a parent. 

How experienced in the newborn period would you like your support provider to be?

A) Not required.        B) Somewhat.        C) Well versed.          D) Expert. 

How experienced in the postpartum period (the initial 12 weeks following birth) would you like your support provider to be?

A) Not required.         B) Somewhat

C) Well versed.           D) Expert

Would you like your support provider to offer lactation/breastfeeding support and education?

Yes.         No.       Maybe.


Once you have completed the quiz, please tally your answers as such: # of A’s, # of B’s, # of C’s & # of D’s. Find which you have the most of and the least. Below you will have a guide for which service provider you may be best suited for based on your responses. 

Mostly A’s:

According to your responses you are best suited for an Au Pair! Au Pairs are live in, foreign exchange students. Their support is considered “relatively inexpensive”, averaging about $200 per week. They are contracted for one year, but can choose to extend. They live in your home with you in their own rooms. An au pair is required to take college courses, which you, the host, will pay for. You will supply them with a car and phone, and they will work Monday-Friday. Au Pairs do not work from 10 pm-6 am, or on weekends. They are encouraged to spend time with extended family members, and attend family gatherings. 

Mostly B’s:

Based on your responses you are best suited for a babysitter! Babysitters are not contracted to work any specific length of time, (though it’s possible one may enjoy this!), and can be scheduled for whenever you need them. The going rate in Westchester County is $15-$25 per hour. Babysitters vary in experience, expertise, price and age, and will provide childcare when parents/guardians are not present. 

Mostly C’s:

Based on your responses you are best suited for a nanny! Nannies will work with babies and children of varying ages, for weeks, months and years. Some nannies choose to live in, while some travel back and forth. Their duties are primarily the children- picking them up and being a primary care provider, similar to mom and dad. Nannies can be with children with or without parents present, and can transport the children from school and activities. 

Mostly D’s:

You are best suited for postpartum doula support! Postpartum doulas are specially trained in the newborn phase of life, and can offer instrumental information about postpartum healing, mood disorders, and educating parents about the newborn phase as well as what to expect. Postpartum doulas vary in price, but will be present at any time of day that you request support. Your doula will not stay with your child(ren) alone without a parent present, as it is considered out of scope, and is not covered by liability insurance. Doula’s are happy to run errands! Think: grocery shopping, doing dishes and babies laundry. Your doula will not take over the role of primary care provider like a nanny, babysitter or Au pair might, because parents will always be present. Consider your doula a teammate! She wants to inform you, make you feel comfortable and take the pressure off during those initial 3 months postpartum. 

Note: it is possible you may be suited for a variety of providers. Together we will find a combination that works best for you, your family and your needs.